February 24th, 2023 Video Mechanical Pen Set

February 24th, 2023 Video

Mechanical Pen Set


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boxes down let's see what our next mystery box has to offer oh a pen set that's right we have a satisfactory pen set a constant companion for all your factory pen and paper planning so this is a four in one riding implement or you know a pen it has red black and blue ink but also has a mechanical pencil in it as well the selecting mechanism for which ink or pencil that you're selecting is it's actually gravity Fed so there's like these symbols on the top here whichever symbol is facing up when you press the pen is what it selects which is kind of fancy you retract it with a single button it's laser engraved and it has a textured metal grip on it it comes with pencil refills and a razor and a lifetime function guarantee if you ever run out of ink you can just fill in this replacement card here which is included and you'll get a free replacement pen either by snail mail or with your next order you can add on this pen set to any tier of the kickstarter and yeah I think you're gonna like it it's pretty cool so next up we have another mystery box