February 24th, 2023 Video Storage Plush

February 24th, 2023 Video

Storage Plush


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wonder as great and Majestic as this is what if you need more what if you just need more space giraffe take penguin whale thing in your life well our next mystery box has you covered check out this big bad boy their body is 44 by 24 inches across and, the diagonal from head to back is about 54 inches the legs come pre-stuffed and the zipper on the belly is, reinforced now this big bad boy does not come pre-stuffed shipping would be absolutely insane otherwise so so it's more like you think of this guy's more of like a big storage plush kind of thing and inside it what you can do is you can stuff it with like up to six queen size pillows so you have it to act as like a beanbag if you want kind of thing or you can use it to store other things like you know soft blankets, other plushes or you can even fit four of these jumbo lizard Doggers in there also available at lizard doggo.com by the way, and I mean I'm sure they won't mind I'm sure they won't mind it's probably warm in there okay two