October 10th, 2023 Livestream Q&A: How do you make Belts purple?

October 10th, 2023 Livestream

Q&A: How do you make Belts purple?

00:00 Intro
00:26 Q&A: Can Snutt make the Holograms aggressively Pumpkin-coloured?
02:05 Soliciting random hex colours
04:41 Q&A: Can Snutt show me where to change the colour options?


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how do you make belts purple so if you go to the menu the belts aren't purple that whoops I just sent some Fe that's good I just went to the QI side instead, the Holograms are purple not the belts there's you can change the Hologram color here, if if you don't like them or if you're color brine or if you don't don't like the color you can just change it, yeah can you make the the the Holograms aggressively pumpkin colored what's the what's the color for aggressively pumpkin color color some shade of Orange Is this pump I love that you you had a fuing fre red five 2 ah dude you have to give give it to me in, in HEX or in, in normalized, what's it called rgba 7518 no why did I push the cancel button is it inconsistent the canel bu on that side whatever, FF 75 why that's pretty cool that's that's pumpkin color for sure well, if anyone's got a good suggestion for the other ones we can do those too yeah actually chat I'm just I'm just going to let you all decide which colors we do with the rest of the ones that right here so just like throw out a a hex value in chat and I'll just put it on the rest how does how does that sound quiet got to be the, the, first one oh I don't like that


one all right- I'll I'll give it a second and then I'll just pick a few okay so let's go with, dismantle I actually want to see this one let's go with it okay hard clearance it's going to be you can't dude you can't do g g g g g that's silly stop stop being silly oh yeah yeah yeah I like this one wait 80 0 80 wait wasn't that the one I had let's just get another one see a classic classic oh That's a classic one I don't like that they're okay we we'll keep this one let's change this one now this one actually don't oh interesting all right very nice very nice oh we we'll oh my God very interesting all right let's let's roll with this for this stream and then maybe we'll switch it out next stream this this one isn't so bad though it's a bit confusing cuz it looks like I'm dismantling when I'm building so it looks like I'm like removing stuff when I'm actually building so freaking pumpkin exactly most pumping I've seen our day Halloween hasn't even started yet I feel like everyone treats Halloween as like oh it's my birthday week like it's it's like oh it's October now let's go Halloween all all month let's go, cool so this is screws I kind of like the green actually you sure to change the color so you go in options you go to user interface and then there's a bunch of settings here there's there's a whole lot of bunch of settings you can do for the user interface if you want you can like scale it and so like if you want to play like this you know you can do that looks amazing, I think some of these settings are a little bit experimental like the hot scaling for instance, but it's great if you're like sitting far away from TV like you you can find a good value here there where everything makes sense but, and then yeah like you can turn off the the the, opacity thing, you can use small slots for game progression I actually don't know what that is I guess it's oh it's oh actually how kind of want that does that mean that the no still huge all right whatever yeah there's a whole bunch of settings, you can tweak around there's at least three yes for sure oh no we all know that the purple color me me I'm missing reinforced plates it's too bad cuz I need that I'm makeing reinforced plates