September 8th, 2020 Livestream Q&A: Fix Multiplayer quick?

September 8th, 2020 Livestream

Q&A: Fix Multiplayer quick?

This question was possibly duplicated with a more recent answer: June 27th, 2023 Livestream Q&A: When are Multiplayer bugs going to be addressed?

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fix multiplayer quick we always work on multiplayer it's not really a thing that you can just just fix though, but you can always work on it constantly and we do that and it should should get better yeah over time if there was an easy fix the multiplayer we would have been done yeah yeah exactly it's it's like it's not like we could fix multiplayer like you know we we would do it like we have people that are dedicated doing nothing but optimizing the game like everything like rendering and networking and blah blah blah like they're doing stuff specifically for optimization doing nothing but optimization and we have people working on nothing but improving networking like or optimizing network play online play yep, and those patches are gonna be like you're probably not gonna notice a big significant like oh it suddenly got way better it's kind of like it's slow like like it's it's one it's one of those things that like, if you were to look back six months like back six months from now or like a year from now you would you would see a massive difference right but you don't feel the jumps the tiny tiny jumps between them and that's what is happening, yeah so it's like I don't know in like six months you look back and you'll be like oh yeah that is a big deal but you'll never be able to see it because you can't go back six months but and in some cases maybe we'll have to like rework some system like maybe we'll need to rework completely like how the vehicle networking synchronization works or something this is some spitballing but like if we do that then yeah you'll notice that once that thing is coming in if it's a big thing yeah but then it'll probably be buggy in different reasons and then we'll patch that stuff but like you'll it's yeah it's it's and like we haven't pushed pat like patches in a while since june or something yeah and that's because we are working on pretty major systems right now, and doing you can't patch them when they're half done yeah and we're also working on refactoring a lot of our current systems because it will be easier for us to work on them in the future for coming up days so like there are gonna be like a few patches now maybe soon-ish where like you don't see any difference yeah but, it's like systems that we've kind of re-implemented and then we need to push those and test them to make sure that they're and they will allow better things in the future and this is pretty standard stuff but, from the outside it seems like nothing is happening yeah but in reality it's like a month of hard work yeah exactly because like one thing that's, that is I think it's slated for the 3.5 ish I'm calling it now that but sure it's 3.5 level 5 update is the the november update or whatever is, we are updating the engine version that we're on currently, if we make it in for that because apparently it's been bit of a nightmare apparently for the update but, that might give you some like performance improvement in general like that we just got out of for free yeah yeah might be good yeah or it might break things well it has so far we're fixing that right now, but that will imp that will improve the engine we are using right now and that will give us more tools to work on like environment so these are all welcome stuff from our end at least yeah I don't care about that and it all goes it's all close to improving the game