April 26th, 2019 Milo Tutorial Jace Talk: Milo tutorial

April 26th, 2019 Milo Tutorial

Jace Talk: Milo tutorial


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update the first is something that I quickly want to say community member and youtuber JD plays link to their YouTube channel in the description below sent me Milo Milo is this like chocolate milk kind of drink from Australia it's very well known in Australia he sent me three kilograms of Milo thank you very much so Milo is this chocolate milk powder kind of drink from Australia like I said before but it isn't your regular chocolate milk so it can be added to hot or cold milk of course and when it's added to hot milk it just melts in and it becomes a chocolate milk and it's wonderful and lovely but when you add it to cold milk that's when the magic truly happens it's it's kind of hard to explain so let me just show you first you need to open this bad boy up grab a spoon and squeeze it under the lid to open the tin you will expose a metallic membrane much like the gilded treasure lying in wait within a Dragon's Den this foil membrane must be overcome before unveiling your chocolatey prize see that that's not a knife that's an extraction device and this device must be used as per tradition you must pierce the membrane now you must slowly begin to attaching the membrane from the edges after a few hours you will find that you've made enough progress to begin using your hands to peel away the membrane however beware the edges of the membrane are sharp and it will fight back beginners please consider using Kevlar gloves now that the innards are exposed you may begin using your extraction tool to place the powder into a gloss continue adding more until you think you have enough then add one more heat now you may begin adding your milk of choice to your surprise the Milo will float you will notice some of the Milo sticking to the sides in the bottom of the glass fear not this is normal you can use a spoon not the extraction device to stir and scrape the mile off the edges so we will float the Milo will not dissolve this is expected to combat this begin stirring and occasionally pushing the Milo below the surface after some time if you look at the sides of the glass you will notice chocolaty streaks flowing down into your drink this means you are making good progress after you feel there is enough chocolate in the milk you may proceed to eat yes eat the floating mylar using a spoon you will find this to be quite pleasant after all the floating Milo has been eaten you may proceed to drink the milk congratulations you've just had your first Milo we're kind of running out of