April 26th, 2019

April 26th, 2019 April Update info + Milo tutorial

Jace Talk: Milo tutorial delays Update




time in this video this actually took
like four days four days to film so
we'll have to we'll have to push back
the update one week sorry my bad we'll
be putting the patch up on an
experimental branch on the 30th of April
so you can still test it then the
experimental branch will be in your epic
game store library as a separate game so
you can use that to test it I recommend
just backing up your save files just in
case the patch notes will also be
released then on the 30th of April once
we feel that the patch on the
experimental branch is stable we'll move
it over to the main branch this could
take a couple days hopefully not more
than a week but we want to make sure
that it is stable before we do that
we'll get it out there as soon as
possible I know that something you
probably don't want another satisfactory
game like the experimental branch in
your library I personally wouldn't that
it is the only solution we have right
now but we'll figure out something more