February 11th, 2022 Livestream Snutt & Jace Talk: Final Fantasy

February 11th, 2022 Livestream

Snutt & Jace Talk: Final Fantasy


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all right now how do I feed these things I feel like we talked too much about final fantasy you ever get that feeling you're you're not wrong but how is this a fire fancy reference oh what you talking about seymour from final fantasy that was a, what's it called little shop of horror reference oh but that is funny that you might went through that actually my mind was straight to see more of a fight yeah do did they say that to him I don't know I don't know if they say that but it reminded me of someone talking to people but you know on an unrelated note you're not wrong we do talk about five fancy a lot on ice cream it's so funny the guadal yeah let's let's talk about the final fantasy let's you know what let's talk about fine fans here let's talk about that all right okay we need to have a company we need to talk it's like son need to have a talk and like what is your favorite fan fancy game son I like the one where titus laughs final fantasy 13. you're out of here kid yeah 13 holy I don't remember a single thing from five minutes at 13. I beat it in like a week and then I never played it again I remember getting right to the end and then like struggling against the boss but then going oh wait I don't care about the game and then I just stopped playing it that is 5013 was those that kind of game where like I was super hyped for the trailer and like the music and then as I was playing it I was like I felt like I died more and more inside the further I went with it was, first like 20 hours was tutorial I think yeah if I'm betting 13 maybe appreciate x2 oh no x2 has a little bit of like that guilty pleasure to me sort of yeah same actually I did enjoy it when I played it but I was also much younger I tried to replay it and I was like this did not age no but- I enjoyed it at the time it's also possible to soft lock in x2 in a couple of places, but it's it's at the beginning so you're not like too far in yeah but it's still annoying does that happen to me oh it actually happened to you yeah holy


I will say that five fantasy ten gets too much for what it's worth ten was great yeah I think ten I think the issue was mainly that they had voice acting in that it's too jarring for people or something I don't know, yeah I mean I didn't think it was like there's it was pretty rough around the edges here and there the voice acting but it's like this is the first time final fantasy had voice acting, and honestly I think overall it was quite good but it's easy to point and laugh at the, laughing yeah that was a bit cringe but because like one thing that it was also really good though yeah because because one thing I think is really good in fact 12 10 is the racist stuff not that I condone the racist stuff but it it's it's never been like done before I think yeah it's actually actually yeah we're like one of your main characters is a blatant racist throughout the entire races yeah yeah and and it's kind of weird it's like really obvious now but like for some reason well I mean I'll just I guess I can only speak for myself but I feel like back in that at that time when I played it you know I wasn't really aware of this kind of well not as aware as I am now and so when I played it I didn't really think much of it but when I went back and played final fantasy 10 again I was like walk as a race yeah yeah same I was like whoa I didn't remember but he developed the points he develops from that he develops from that right he's not just like a racist to be cool he's like actually there's some development there