December 7th, 2021 Livestream State of Dev: Recap

December 7th, 2021 Livestream

State of Dev: Recap

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I will do a real quick recap before we do the q a though just install a little bit more, just if people are joining late just to give you like the state of dev info real quick so today we launched dedicated servers on epic they are available for everyone anyone can get them this is this was the ambition with steam we still haven't figured out like what's going on with steam why not everyone sees, dedicated servers on, on the steam it's it's supposed to be that you like click on tools in your library and it should just show up regardless if you own the game or not dedicated servers should be available you should be able to like set up dedicated servers, anonymously and everything looks good in the backend we've talked to valve about it and they said everything looks good in the back end they don't understand why it's not showing up for everyone, it shows up with some people but not everyone it's really strange, we're still kind of like hoping that they will solve it but that's the way it is but you can oh you've always been able to use steam command though so you you've always been able to oh actually let me before I dive into this I also want to copy this to, to a discord boom, what was I talking about yeah like the dedicated servers were always supposed to show up for everyone, we we've we've never wanted to limit it to just people that own the game, so that's that's how it is we still don't know what's going on we've talked about valve a bunch of times they don't know what's going on but hopefully they're still investigating that stuff, but on epic they do show up so at least we got that going for us so dedicated servers are available on epic today, so you can get them there as well it doesn't matter where you get them from, you can always play like no matter what platform you're playing on you can play on any server, even if if you get the update the the server from epic or if it's on from steam, you could say it's an epic win


so but that is the ambition so it doesn't matter where you get them from, cool yes good times so, hopefully we can sort that out in the future we're we like it's just we're such we're in such a weird spot where like no matter what we do we just can't solve it, so yeah and, the next step in dedicated server release is we want to get a docker image up on docker hub we don't know exactly when that will happen maybe will happen this year maybe will happen next year, not quite sure yet what our plans are there because they haven't told me what our plans are there, but that is the intention so sometime in the near future there will be also on docker hub you will be to get there as well, also some quick info on what's happening for the remainder of this year now that we have update five out and everything what are we doing now, well we're there's fixmas going on there's still fixed miss happening fixmes will, you know keep roll out keep rolling out until christmas day the 25th that's been the last calendar day I think and, fixmas bill will be available up until january 18th so even if you if you don't have time to like play fixmas now you'll you'll have time during like january if that's where your christmas break is at, so there's there's we added like a bit of an extra leeway there for people, we did that last year as well so you have time to check it out and, one thing that we really so because fixmas came kind of late this year we didn't have as much time to work on it I was did last time so one thing we really urge people to do is you know if you find a way to to skip ahead somehow I don't know how you guys are doing this but maybe there are people out there who've invented a time machine you know probably one of the biggest inventions in our time and there's just like using it to just skip fixmas I don't get it but, yeah if you do find a way to skip ahead we urge you not to do it because we still haven't put out everything for fixmas and if you skip ahead and we updated the game you won't have access to the content that we're putting out so you will miss out on content essentially if you do this so very important, information is if you skip ahead just know that you're going to miss out on content and we don't want you just to miss out on content we don't really like want to punish anyone for skipping ahead we honestly don't care about that stuff honestly how you play the game is up to you right, who are we we don't actually care about this stuff we're not doing it to punish anyone it's just the way that it is like that way that we we sort of needed to put out these patches with updates to fixmas, that means that you will miss out if you've, you've gone too far so, that's the way things are and this will probably be the second to last time you guys will have to ask me questions here on our devstream because this next week is going to be the last time we stream this year, on our channel we'll be back we'll be back we'll be back next year again so don't worry we're not gone forever but we will take a little bit of a break during the holidays so we will be back again sometime in january- I don't know exactly when I think yeah well we'll let you guys know exactly oh we'll be back don't worry, it was the worst arnold schwarzenegger impression I've ever done but, yeah we're gonna take a little bit of a break, so get your questions in because this is the second to last time you will have a chance, I saw somebody ask about what happens when fixmas is over do we get to keep our stuff for fixmas so it's going to be same as last year anything you've built in fixmas will still stick around I don't know if the production will keep going like if you've placed like the production trees or whatever I don't think they will produce christmas presents anymore or christmas presents sorry sorry, but like anything you produce will still exist in the game so like you know any any materials that you produce will exist so make sure to stock up okay, and you'll still be able to use it, once christmas fixmas is over but, but you won't be able to like use any of the recipes and you won't be able to place any of the buildables so yeah