June 22nd, 2021 Livestream Q&A: What kind of hardware does Torsten use?

June 22nd, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: What kind of hardware does Torsten use?


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all right here's a here's a here's a hard-hitting question for you torsten what kind of hardware do you use


I have a pc a computer yes perfect computer and I got two screens does that count I also have a phone so three screens maybe three screens I guess holy [ __ ] it is a stream technically it is right so I got four screens, on my desk sorry you've got one of those like big as a cintiq whatever things that you draw on the screen, no no actually I really don't like the cintiq oh I like the in I like I like the interest I like the interest I like that one oh snap because, the cintiq is all nice because, you know you draw actually on on the screen but the problem is the problem is, that first of all you have to hold your hand in a really awkward position by working on it if you do that for like a couple of hours it it sucks and, when you use the intel's, interest, you don't cover the screen with your hand right which is super nice so, I'm all up for the interest I don't like the cintiq all right only hot takes that coffee stain see here we saw tv coffee stain studios I thought you were going to go the route of like this the the I can't remember what it's called but like the the filament no the screen type where like the cintiq has a very it doesn't look like a screen it looks well it looks like screen but it's like very weird when you're drawing it it doesn't feel like because some people really enjoy drawing on like ipads rather than syntax because of the screen oh yeah I like the ipad I like the ipad yeah because, that that kind of works but also I like the ipad for sketching because it's super light it's like a sketchbook but the cintiq is super heavy and it's fixed to your desk and also it feels like a ball pen on glass yeah that's that's the thing too a lot of people don't like that so yeah I'm I'm not a fan- I don't like it well here you go in this game it's fine if you like that I don't think it sucks he's not judging you I am but he's not yeah no I