December 17th, 2020 Q&A Q&A: Names in photo mode, when?

December 17th, 2020 Q&A

Q&A: Names in photo mode, when?



names in photo mode when uh so this is a question from braindg someone uh one of our content creators does a lot of cool uh community games and community events definitely check them out uh if you haven't dg uh and they've been wanting names in photo mode for a long time for you know pictures they take and you want to see who's in the pictures right i'm sure a lot of people want this as well now this is something that we'll probably have at some point the problem is that uh it's kind of low prior and so it never really makes it onto the priority list either um another one of those things but we kind of do want to enhance photo mode in general and so it may be that we're just going to wait until we allocate a bunch of time to make a better photo mode then we'll then have the names uh show up in photo mode as an option there as well so definitely something good i'm sorry brain it's taking so long but there's a lot of things people ask for that take a long time so uh it'll come any thoughts on adding drones