December 17th, 2020

December 17th, 2020 Another BIIIIG Q&A Video // Wiki leaks, Foundation shapes, Signs, Farms, Copy&Paste, and a LOT more!

Q&A: Is player fatigue a concern for you? Do you see people drop off at certain points in the game?



you see people drop off on mass at
certain points in the game
if so what do you do to combat this so
fatigue is a is a huge thing that we
look at of course
for sure and we have noticed um points
at which people drop off and
you know maybe they're too bored or
maybe they're too frustrated or
something like that
and so we make adjustments to those
places so one example of that is
actually the bauxite refinement that's
something that we had
noticed um that there was a lot of
player fatigue around that or some
around that and so we're making
adjustments to that in update four
uh more information on that in the tier