December 17th, 2020

December 17th, 2020 Another BIIIIG Q&A Video // Wiki leaks, Foundation shapes, Signs, Farms, Copy&Paste, and a LOT more!

Q&A: How proud are you of the code you wrote and systems you helped make in Satisfactory?



how proud on a scale of zero to 100 are
you of the code you wrote and systems
you helped make in satisfactory
the question then goes on to sort of say
it's something i struggle with sometimes
wanting to be a perfectionist but
knowing that perfection is the enemy of
good enough sometimes i find some of my
well below my own standard and i never
get around to improving it because
everything else is more important
so this is kind of just like uh like
what you're mentioning here is kind of
just like a problem that
is pretty common in game development i
suppose uh and
you kind of need to find that balance
between uh perfection and good enough
because uh sometimes
uh perfection's just not really like
achievable but also
uh we thought you know you know you sort
of directed this
at me but i thought you know what we'll
we'll open this up to uh everyone in
in in the office and this is the
response that we got
yeah so you can go back and pause that
if you want to read it all but uh
i think this is kind of telling i think
this tells
this person surprise only who asked this
question i think this
maybe gives you this heads up that a lot
of the people working on this game right
feel they don't know what the hell
they're doing either