December 17th, 2020

December 17th, 2020 Another BIIIIG Q&A Video // Wiki leaks, Foundation shapes, Signs, Farms, Copy&Paste, and a LOT more!

Q&A: How does the current trajectory to the game compare to everyone's original concept?



trajectory to the game compare to
everyone's original concept of the final
what are some things that are better
slash worse than imagined well i mean
pipes [ __ ] up the game that was the
biggest mistake
you know so things are worse than we
ever imagined now there's no going back
the game's over a dead game it's all
over okay so the vision of the game has
evolved over time um
we think for the better we have control
over the direction of the game every
step of the way right and every decision
we make
is based on you know the here and now of
what does the game look like now
what information can we gain by uh you
know from feedback from players
and then how can we make it better right
so you know the game initially started
base defense being a core part of the
game and then
we actually started making that and then
we found that we didn't like it at all
and we cut it completely and now it's
not going to be in there right
you know and then there's the question
of like well is that better or worse
than we imagined well we think it's
better than we imagined because the game
is better now because
we don't have that we believe okay
so like that's kind of why we strive for
it to always be better and
we think that it's been going in a
pretty good direction um
yeah pretty normal stuff for game
development i think you just sort of
have to pivot and shift and react
um to uh design problems that may show