December 17th, 2020

December 17th, 2020 Another BIIIIG Q&A Video // Wiki leaks, Foundation shapes, Signs, Farms, Copy&Paste, and a LOT more!

Q&A: How likely will it be that our saves break in updates after Update 4?



will break in updates after update 4.
yeah so a couple weeks ago i mentioned
in a video that tier 8 is coming
and it will also kind of break your
saves in update 4 so your saves will
but your factory will probably not be
working anymore you may have to repair
it i suppose
uh so you could say that was not
necessarily intended uh
but given the direction of the game
given the feedback we got
um you know we had to change the way
that we looked at tier viii and so we
had to
make some more drastic changes the
intention now is that you know
we want to avoid that of course and
there is no there's actually
no plan right now to do any other major
rebalancing after update 4
into 1.0 so the current plan is no there
won't be breaks
but the reality is there there's a
really big chance that
you know we will start observing some
you know some feedback from the game and
we'll make decisions that you know well
you know what we may need xyz
for the game to be good and maybe that
will result in in the uh
saves breaking it is likely that this
will happen again
but we don't want it to and we don't