December 17th, 2020

December 17th, 2020 Another BIIIIG Q&A Video // Wiki leaks, Foundation shapes, Signs, Farms, Copy&Paste, and a LOT more!

Q&A: Has the decision to press on to 1.0 recently been prompted - at least in part - by financials?



has the decision to press on to 1.0
recently been prompted at least in part
by financials
my impression was you folks did like
experimenting with updates before 1.0
and there were updates planned but
ultimately shelved okay so that's a
pretty interesting impression i'm not
sure what gave you that impression
but i get the feeling that maybe you're
not alone like maybe we've given that
impression somehow so i figure i'll just
talk about it anyway and i'll clear the
there actually kind of was a little bit
of a shift uh to focus on 1.0
but it wasn't prompted by sales or
anything like that like
we're doing great you guys um thank you
the prompt was mostly like well we got
to do update four now
uh and after update four it's gonna be
update five and in order to really plan
what we should do in those we need some
idea of what the end goal is gonna be so
we really just started focusing more on
1.0 uh
as a means of having some kind of
direction so that we weren't shooting in
the dark
basically and that's pretty much it and
we have a pretty good idea of what that
is now
we're still always refining it but uh
yeah we really want to go for it because
you know we're an early access game
and we feel that it's it's our
responsibility to get out of early
we need to we need to finish the game
and and give you the experience that we
wanted right
and that doesn't mean development stops
after 1.0 you know we could still add
maybe i'm not saying we will but we've
always alluded to the fact that
we probably would add more yeah we still
want to we kind of want to get out of
early access you know that doesn't mean
you know we're not cutting things out to
get there
to rush to get in we're clearly not
rushing you guys
we're so slow with our updates we're not
rushing we we sit back and we take an
honest look at
okay what are we doing what do we want
what do we consider a good
finished 1.0 game and then we're gonna
work towards that but that shift did
kind of happen
uh a few months ago and you know the
fact that you brought up this question
i guess it shows in some in somehow and