December 17th, 2020

December 17th, 2020 Another BIIIIG Q&A Video // Wiki leaks, Foundation shapes, Signs, Farms, Copy&Paste, and a LOT more!

Q&A: Do you plan to add copy & paste functionality / blueprints?



add copy and paste functionality or
slash blueprints or any other way to
quickly duplicate existing factories
okay so we've answered this question a
bajillion times but again this is an
ongoing discussion
uh people still ask so i'm gonna answer
it again the answer
was always a no and i thought well
because it's ongoing i'll check in with
mark and i checked in with mark
mark's thoughts have actually shifted a
little bit he's kind of starting to
think that it's more of a
it is kind of more of a good idea now
this is just mark's opinions
mark even though he's the director
doesn't mean he makes every single
decision right
we're a team of people and we everyone
has different opinions and and uh
so you know everyone everyone's
opinion's way in here right but but
mark's opinions
um if we were to do it we don't think
that victoria's blueprint system is what
we would want or we don't think just a
simple copy paste is what we would want
some kind of functionality to facilitate
the repetition that people experience
could be cool so that's that's the
that's the update for you that's uh
mark's current opinion on it which is
different than before so there's
movement there
but um i can't really tell you anything