March 7th, 2023 Livestream Q&A: Update 8 seems to be taking a while, is it because what is to be in was discussed for a while?

March 7th, 2023 Livestream

Q&A: Update 8 seems to be taking a while, is it because what is to be in was discussed for a while?

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update 8 seems to be taking a while is that because what it was, because wait I'm sorry one moment okay so I think they're asking here is, updating is taking a while is it because like what is going to be in update a was discussed for a long time, so, the delay between updates seven and eight, I actually first of all I think it's actually fairly standard I don't think there is a delay yeah yeah I think it's actually a standard amount of time it's just that the the the the gap between six and seven was really short that was uncharacteristically short yes yes yeah there's that right so, that was that was the outlier this is actually not the outlier this is standard for us, yeah so I don't actually know I don't know like things are just kind of normal yeah actually, it has been progressing like any other update I also know that, as student was talking about before that some of our efforts, are also redirected to update to 1.0, which, has been happening since like update six, so like you know like maybe update could have been around a bit quicker but then 1.0 would have been late it actually doesn't work that way it's just certain things that get worked on are required for certain updates before anyway it's hard to explain but, I don't know like it's so don't do it I think it's I think it's actually normal I don't know yeah it is normal we I think we've released roughly two updates a year and I mean yeah we're in the quarter and they I think the thing is we we do release two updates a year roughly but they all get a bit shifted constantly so like when they happen at the during like at what point during the year they get released changes constantly and I think people sometimes see is it like oh but they released up day three in February and it's February where's the update I think sometimes people view it that that way maybe but but we have shifted like all updates around a bit because sometimes we've been like we need to do this thing for the next update and if we can't finish it for the update then we push the update that's happened a couple of times the last couple of updates have been like we're gonna release an update here roughly whatever makes it in for that update is part of that update and that's the case for up to date and update seven what's that as well update seven was definitely a little bit of a mix actually because update seven was like we gotta get blueprints out can we get blueprints out as soon as possible but at the same time we're like yeah but we also need to get Update 7 out before the holidays because otherwise the next possible window isn't until like March or or something like that so so that was a bit of like we have to get it updated at this time frame so it it's it's a it shifts a bit but yeah update 8 is this, it's there in within the time frame yeah so internally you are working on update 8 9 1.0 at the same time nice try buddy nice try nice try this ain't my first rodeo gym okay ate my first rodeo but it is mine so I will answer that question by saying I'll defer to Jace and then you defer to me and then I defer to next stream because you know what it's 6 p.m and that's the end of the stream folks it sure is oh you have to stay tuned for the next week next week JoJo meme oh I should add that as like a, technical difficulties thing to the stream just Freeze Frame the stream as it is and just add the to be continue at the bottom yeah that would be sick actually one more one more question very important League no I played DOTA okay Dota 2 all the way let's go can you only play one or the other new hero came out yesterday actually yeah people play both that's that's a problem that's a problem, okay all right fair enough fair enough