May 4th, 2021 Livestream Q&A: Have you seen players do things when you were like "Oh wow, I didn't know you could do that"

May 4th, 2021 Livestream

Q&A: Have you seen players do things when you were like "Oh wow, I didn't know you could do that"

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have you seen players do things when even you or other devs were like oh wow I didn't know you could do that, yes all the time actually like this is no surprise to anyone or for fellow game developers you know how to be there's always things in your games that people do that you didn't realize because there's so many people playing your game and like like an example of that is if you if you had like let's see if we can do some quick math there like say that you have like a q8 tester or something playing the game for you know every day for for a month say so they're doing 40 hours times four right that's 160 hours right of of somebody doing nothing but playing the game which is also unrealistic right, and then you release the game and then 100 000 people are playing your game let's say that they do that under a weekend so that's 100 000 players times 48 let's say they played the entire 48 hours and they played for 4 million 800 hours compared to 160 hours of qa testing right so putting a game out there means that there's a ton of more people playing it and there's a ton more like testing so to speak going on, and obviously there's gonna be like cases where people figure out ways that you haven't thought about because there's just the quantity of people playing it, and this is something that I think like this this is something that brought up during discussion of qa testing a lot where people are like how could you not find this during qa testing and it was like because it is impossible to test to the same degree as when a game is released it is impossible like we can't have like even if we work for years with like a whole division of people to play testing something like when soon as you release it there's going to be a ton more people playing it, so so there's a ton of things that people have done that we haven't thought about because people have so much more time than us, like collaborating and like figuring out stuff this is also partly why the speedrunning community is so cool because spearing communities like sets out to like figure like break stuff and figure out how to get around stuff and they share knowledge between each other and the same thing happens in the community like people figure out like oh if you do this thing then you don't have to do that and then if you don't have to do that then they can do this thing and it like spiles kind of out of control so people do things that we didn't anticipate and that's good that's really good it's really cool because it helps us figure out like if we're on the right track or not, like the cheat creed is a good example the thing where some of the collisions didn't have foundation some of the foundations didn't have collision because that led for to people to be able to build in a way that we didn't anticipate and that makes us go huh that's interesting maybe that should be how we should be built like letting people blame the game, so yes there's definitely cases where people do stuff that we didn't anticipate and and we thoroughly enjoy that even if it's bugs like like we don't want they have there hasn't been a lot of bugs where like people break the game in a way that we didn't like, the hypertube is a good example of this because the hypertube is something that we didn't anticipate, but when we saw that and we saw like there was there was like sort of there's a trade-off to the hypertube can even in that bug where it costs so much power to set it up so when we saw that we were like huh that's unintentional but also kind of cool cause there's there's a trade-off to it and we kind of like that trade-off so we haven't changed it since and we don't we don't have any plans of removing the hyper cannons anything like that, so so yeah I think the hybrid canon hypertube acceleration thing is one of our favorites because that became a feature or like we don't really see it as a bug necessarily we see it as like it builds upon some of the design decisions we took when we made the hypertubes in general, and then people found another way to use them and we were like all right that's pretty cool so yeah it's a clever use of game mechanics as far as we can tell