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April 22nd, 2022 Talking about UPDATE 6 Content and Why it's Different

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Masonzero Gaming ►

#Satisfactory is an FPS open-world factory building sim by #CoffeeStain Studios. You play as an engineer on an alien planet as part of the ‘Save The Day’ program - a program whose goal is to construct a massive machine for a mysterious purpose. Conquer nature, build multi-story factories, and automate to satisfaction! In this videos we show off all the #GameDev tools we use to bring Satisfactory to life.

  1. Intro
  2. Snutt Talk: Why Update 6 is going to be different
  3. Snutt Talk: What Update 6 is going to be about
  4. Exploration

    1. Q&A: What does improving the exploration aspect of Satisfactory mean?
    2. Snutt Talk: Environmental Changes

    3. Environmental Changes
    4. Snutt Talk: Ben's water changes
    5. Snutt Talk: The sky sphere & Swamp Biome
  5. Creatures

    1. Snutt Talk: Let's talk about the Creatures
  6. Equipment Additions

    1. Snutt Talk: Adding new mechanics to some of the weapons
    2. Snutt Talk: Multiple Body Slots
  7. In-Game Map Improvements

    1. Snutt Talk: Improving how you interact with the in-game Map
    2. Snutt Talk: Radar Tower improvements
  8. Technical Improvements

    1. Snutt Talk: Technical Improvements
    2. Snutt Talk: Reworking the foliage system
    3. Snutt Talk: Miscellaneous improvements
  9. (Clock Speed Rebalance)

    1. Snutt Talk: Clock Speed Rebalance
    2. Snutt Talk: Overclocking & Underclocking explainer
    3. Snutt Talk: The proposed change to Overclocking & Underclocking
    4. Snutt Talk: Soliciting Community feedback on the proposed change
    5. Snutt Talk: Not planning to make changes to clocking of generators & extractors
  10. Outro

    1. Snutt Talk: Still a lot of things to show & discuss
    2. Q&A: When is the Satisfactory Update 6 release date?
    3. Snutt Talk: Wrapping up the video
    4. End Tag