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February 20th, 2019 Satisfactory Level Design Stream

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  1. Q&A: What is this?
  2. Q&A: What's the glowing ball?
  3. Q&A: How many Dutch people at Coffee Stain?
  4. Q&A: Does Satisfactory have caves?
  5. Hannah Talk: Please don't reward Simon for scaring me
  6. Q&A: A pipe big enough to drive a car in?
  7. Q&A: Can you travel to other planets?
  8. Community FYI: The level designs you?
  9. Q&A: Why not make a maze out of the caves?
  10. Q&A: Will water affect items on the belts?
  11. Q&A: Is there Lava?
  12. Q&A: What's the rocket gonna look like inside & outside?
  13. Q&A: Will enemies have Jace's hair?
  14. Q&A: This fountain has Jace's hair?
  15. Q&A: Does Simon work in the basement in a cage?
  16. Q&A: If you don't speak german, give me an Alpha Key?
  17. Q&A: Can Hannah speak Dutch?
  18. Q&A: What School did Hannah go to?
  19. Q&A: Release date?
  20. Q&A: How big is the Alpha?
  21. Q&A: How do trees grow in caves?
  22. Q&A: Can you climb steep terrain?
  23. Q&A: Is this for Goat Simulator?
  24. Q&A: Can you have your own pet in the game?
  25. Q&A: Can Hannah do a little gameplay?
  26. Q&A: What version control software does Coffee Stain use?
  27. Q&A: Weather confirmed?
  28. Q&A: How big is the map?
  29. Q&A: Does Coffee Stain pay you in foot-long subs?
  30. Q&A: Tea drinker?
  31. Q&A: Will there be seasons?
  32. Outro