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February 6th, 2019 Satisfactory Q&A/Hangout Stream

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  1. Stream starting soon
  2. Intro
  3. Q&A: What is wrong with your face?
  4. Q&A: Pipes?
  5. Q&A: Why is Jace the PR?
  6. Q&A: Can we have some gameplay?
  7. Q&A: Can you make custom cars/trucks?
  8. Q&A: What plugins are you using ?
  9. Q&A: Can I play as Kristen Stewart, though?
  10. Q&A: Is Simon going to be the last Boss?
  11. Q&A: Will there be outer space & galaxies?
  12. Jace Talk: Getting a lot of questions that have been asked before?
  13. Q&A: How many LOD levels do you use?
  14. Community FYI: Thank you for the honest answer on Alpha Keys
  15. Q&A: Long-range transport?
  16. Jace, Hannah, & Snutt Talk: One more good question
  17. Q&A: Can I play a Civilisation session with you guys?
  18. Q&A: Pipes?
  19. Outro
  20. End Tag