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March 9th, 2018 Q&A #1: Are we making Sanctum 3?

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  1. Intro
  2. Q&A: How you doin?
  3. Q&A: Would you be interested in offering placement positions?
  4. Q&A: What's the biggest challenge you face in average day to day activities?
  5. Q&A: Am I handsome?
  6. Q&A: Can we get Sanctum Simulator instead?
  7. Q&A: Is Sweden a nice place to work?
  8. Q&A: Did the Sanctum devs miss their meds and create Goat Simulator in the process?
  9. Q&A: Are you moving towards a publisher-only role, or do you still have a dev team working on games?
  10. Q&A: Any plans to bring the mobile-exclusive Goat Simulator levels to PC?
  11. Q&A: Any plans for future Goat Simulator DLC or sequel, or another simulator game?
  12. Q&A: Will you consider working on a brand new fabulous -something- simulator in the future?
  13. Q&A: When will we see Goat Simulator VR?
  14. Q&A: Are we going to get another absolute gem like A Story About my Uncle?
  15. Q&A: What programming language do you prefer a developer to have when applying for a job?
  16. Q&A: Wassup?
  17. Q&A: How do you feel about your studio?
  18. Q&A: If aliens came to earth what would the best response from humanity be?
  19. Q&A: How did Skye Autumn get her scars?
  20. Q&A: Thoughts on current game industry situation when 30 games are released on Steam daily?
  21. Q&A: Is it true that you've built a golden statue of a goat in Japan?
  22. Q&A: Is there someone at your office who is like a super under-appreciated kitchen hero?
  23. Outro